Terry is a Christian, a family man and a conservative who stands for faith, family, freedom and limited government.

Family Values
Terry O’Donnell and his wife Teresa have two daughters, Tyler, 13 and Treagan, 11.  Terry believes in protecting family values. He is concerned about the continued decay of the family unit and will work to protect families against legislation that threatens the preservation of the family. 

Terry is a proponent of stronger schools and enabling teachers to teach and students to learn. He believes in smart spending to enhance performance and putting discipline back in the classroom. Oklahoma’s future depends on productive, capable young people.

Protecting Small Business
As a small business man himself, responsible for a law firm that employs 15 people, and as an attorney who works daily with other small business owners to facilitate employment law issues and to help create and protect jobs in numerous industries, protecting small business is a key issue for Terry. Using experience gained through a 23-year career, Terry has an in-depth knowledge of what needs to be done to cut the red-tape that stifles entrepreneurs and small business.  He will work to reform workers' compensation, the tort system and fight to limit the tax burden to make Oklahoma a more attractive state for businesses and job growth.

A Strong Conservative
Terry O’Donnell firmly believes in protecting constitutional rights such as the Second Amendment and the freedom of religion in state government. He believes it is imperative to reduce the tax burden on individuals and business. He will work to reduce the waste and duplication in government to make it more efficient and effective. Terry knows government cannot be all things to all people and must focus on the priorities – education, public safety and infrastructure. 

He will stand against Obamacare in order to protect consumers and our health care system.

A Community Leader
Terry believes in doing his part to make his community a better place to live and work. He is a member of Catoosa’s Zoning Board and Planning Commission. He is also on the Advisory Board of Metro Christian Academy.  Terry is a proponent of volunteerism, and believes it is our civic duty to contribute to our community to make it a better place for ourselves and future generations.